Why Ryborg Sweepstakes Are So Different

We are excited to announce our annual Sweepstake Event for our Ryborgers. Its an event for Ryborgers to have a chance to win a share of the USD 225,000 prize pool. This is only just one of the many event that we will have to give back to our Ryborgers. Stay tune.

Why Are We Doing This?

The main problem NFT user faces is that many NFT projects are not rewarding holders enough. (Even if you’re holding on to multiple NFTs of the same project). Ryborg addresses that issue and thereby look to create a NFT Staking Platform to reward these holders who believed in us. The staking platform will be an annual event. This way, our holders will definitely be rewarded rightfully base on what they believe and hold.

Why Random Announcement Date?

The reason for the random date announcement for the event is to ensure fairness; prevent whales from bulk purchase before the event so as to stand a higher winning chance. The winners of the Sweepstake event will be pick by a random generator and will be broadcast LIVE on our discord channel.

How TFX Credit can be used?

  1. VPS Plan
  2. Dedicated Servers
  3. Signal Service
  4. Dine in Bunker Cafe
  5. Purchase Ryborg Merchandise
  6. Exclusive Live Events
  7. Rent a virtual trading classroom
  8. Rent a virtual trading theatre
  9. Bunker Physical Arts Auction Hall
  10. Exchange TFX Token

How It Work?

Ryborg Sweepstakes (Example Scenario)

Requirements # of Collectors Who
Fulfil the Requirement
# of Prize Available Prizes
5+ Ryborg 150 25 USD 1000 TFX
3+ Ryborg 150 75 USD 500 TFX Credit
2+ Ryborg 150 250 USD 200 TFX Credit

Ryborgers who fulfill the above requirements will automatically be included in the Sweepstake.  The more you hold, the better are the prizes.

For example, there are 150 collectors who fulfill each prize category requirement at the time of the event

Here is what will happen in the sweepstakes:

  1. 25 collectors will be randomly selected out of the eligible 150 to win the USD 1000 TFX CREDIT, and the 125 remaining collectors who did not win will automatically be added to the subsequent tier’s prize pool of eligible collectors.
  2. 75 collectors will then be randomly selected out of the eligible 275 (125 + 150) to win USD 500 TFX CREDIT.
  3. The 200 (275 – 75) collectors who did not win the USD 500 TFX CREDIT will then be added to the subsequent tier’s prize pool of eligible collectors. Winners will then be selected from that pool. This is repeated for subsequent prize tiers.
  4. 250 collectors will then be randomly selected out from the eligible 350 (200+150) to win USD 200 TFX CREDIT. In this case, there will be 100 collectors who didn’t manage to win the
    sweepstakes event.


Does TFX Credit expire?

TFX Credit doesn’t expire and have a lifetime validity.

What can I do with TFX Credit if I don’t want to use any of your products/services?

TFX Credits are transferrable. You can transfer to someone else who may need them. Email
[email protected] to assist on the transfer of credit.

Can I resell the TFX Credit?

Yes, TFX credit can be sold off to anyone who are interested. Email [email protected] to assist
on the transfer of credit.

Is this sweepstake event similar to Crypto.com Sweepstake format?

Yes, it would be very similar from Crypto.com.