What is a Bunker Trading Hall

Bunker Trading Hall is one of the main utility essential for investors & traders. It is a place where trading information, alpha calls, and rug project warnings are shared among the RYBORGERs. This serves as an important tool for our Royalty Campaign.

Goals & Vision

We aim to create a safe haven in the Crypto Space. We will work towards making trading less complicated, streamlining investment decisions, and building a like-minded community that moves together as one.

How does it work?

There will be channels created for the specific trading products for discussion. Through this platform, RYBORGERs are able to share freely on any potential projects, DeFi, tokens, or NFTs. This information will then be captured, researched, and filtered by TradingFXVPS’s trading specialist. They will make alpha calls based on the information gathered. Similarly, they will also call out for potential rug projects for RYBORGERs to avoid getting involved in.


1. Verified Alpha Call trades with high upside potential
2. Create a strong and united community that can move markets
3. Facilitate reliable opportunities and investment decisions for Royalty Campaign
4. Reduce the possibility of joining a rug pull project.

Linked to Royalty Giveback Campaign

1. The opportunities identified will be brought forward to the R-DAO.
2. R-DAO will vote and make the investment decision
3. Royalty fund will be correctly allocated to support the investment decision
4. 80% of Profits will go back to R-DAO

What is R-DAO and Royalty Giveback Campaign?


How to gain access to Bunker Trading Hall?

Only verified RYBORGERs in discord will have access to Bunker Trading Hall.