Website vps hosting is an invisible wire connecting us to all of the social media, apps, and online services that we use. It is an underrated term that is most important in catering to our online businesses and transactions. Online trading, for example, has become an overnight phenomenon, and the independent hosting or shared server has made it easier, portable, and time flexible for everyone.

Facts from World Trade Statistical Review display world trade goods and services amounting to 22 trillion USD in 2020, while 13% of that is from China taking the spot as the world’s top exporter in the same year.

Shared Hosting VS VPS Hosting

You can do trading through shared or VPS hosting. The differences are to be determined, and if you keep reading we have three general differences to better distinguish between the two hostings.

Space and Memory

The space or hard drive space is the available size provided by your server. Free shared hosting has a lesser space to provide that it also hosts other sites besides yours. VPN has shared space too, but it all depends on your trading for how much space you will need.

The hosting memory is associated with the speed, so having a shared server memory is apportioned to all sites within that server. Faster memory will keep you up to date on all your trading sites. The faster your access, the faster the transactions flow and you can be on the top of the game.


Shared Hosting server comes weak in security and is typically at risk of breaches. When one of the sites you share a host with gets compromised, it can immediately impact other sites including yours. More websites mean more opportunities for breaches. All your sites depend on how good the security of your shared host has paid for.

Having security managed by experts and professionals will help you leave your worries from any attacks. Virtual Private Servers or VPS comes with robust security features and is more under control than shared hosting security. If trading requires your personal information and bank numbers, you better have your security checked.

Reliability and Efficiency

A VPS and Shared hosting comparison show that bandwidth is better for performance, and VPS outperforms shared hosting. Shared hosting can accommodate smaller sites, but if you need your trading site to be flooding with visitors, you need VPS to open your site smoothly when clicked.

Scalability is one word to say crowd control. Shared hosting scalability is great for start-ups and personal sites but when your sites require more visitors you should consider transferring to a VPS service. One more sure hosting is the Cloud VPS which is similar to VPS but bigger and has more networks to tap on.

In A Nutshell

Starting your trading site can be confusing with all the choices to make and the decisions to keep going. But at least there are options to choose from, which means you have something to start with. Take it easy with shared hosting and see how it goes from there. Keep growing and shifting carefully to VPS hosting.