As the internet widens its scope, several cyber-attacks and system malware reports increased. Even in today’s technology, this kind of crime is becoming difficult to solve which is why some companies and business enterprises get involved with misinformation.

According to statistics from Check Point Research released in October 2021, cyber-attacks increased by 50% in 2021 affecting mainly the research and development sector as well as the education system. This is one of the reasons why users should be able to identify potential threats online at all times, especially when having a self-managed VPS at home.

As a trader, you are not only dealing with thousand of cash as your leverage but also the security of your account. It’s hard to escape notorious virtual hackers but one should be able to know the possible types of attacks that you may encounter in the long run. Here are some of the most common cyber attacks that you should watch out for.

SQL Injection

SQL injection is a very tricky threat model. An inserted SQL to input data from a data source will be absorbed by the targeted client file or a particular server. Once this query passed through the system, it may reach delicate information causing it to be not responsive as the client is trying to access it.

What happens to your database may depend on the SQL code. It may create malicious prompts,  modifications, re-configured admin access, and operating system commands. This attack usually happens to traditional or outdated interfaces.

Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)

CSRF attacks are not easy to identify because it is to permit requested access from a website that may not seem too suspicious to the user. It involves the identity of a person including the rights and personal information that are mostly required when signing up to a certain online platform.

The hosting server is manipulated by the hackers as they may change your identity and eventually get your money. No notifications will be delivered to your email address as hackers have already put themselves as the recipients.

Gen V Attack

The 5th generation attack has the power to trigger data breaches and destruction of service. If you want to stay uninterrupted in trading, you have to be careful that the information you are getting from your broker is not a victim of a Gen V attack. It is designed with a multi-vector array to disrupt everything that information technology has to offer.

As much as misinformation is concerned today, Gen V Attack could lead to large chaos if it is not stopped. It spreads quickly and even bypasses firewalls installed on each virtual private server. This means that even with the most secured servers in the cloud and enhanced security systems, a Gen V cyber-attack is inevitable. But to counter this assault, you can use the next-generation firewalls or NGFW for more advanced protection.

Final Say

Maintain security hygiene through patching, segmentation, and application of advanced security technologies as you already know these common types of cyber-attacks. Always consult technical experts to avoid unwanted system failure and most importantly, take time to research even outside the internet world.