Many people are turning their heads on multiple sources of profit, especially in the currency market. While they choose the currency pairs with a fair value, traders also look for consistent and reliable tools to improve their trading experience.

There are strategies that go around Forex trading and if you’re going to look at these, some external metrics affect the buying and selling decision of the trader. Aside from acquiring your own virtual private servers, it’s essential to consider which platform should you use in order to stick to your plans and aim for more than a 50% win rate on the charts.

That’s why Trading Fx VPS supports the advantages of MetaTrader 4 as part of its Forex VPS Plans because of its usefulness and performance. Through this platform, you can already make the currency exchange for commodities, equities, and futures. So, let’s take a look at the advantages of MetaTrader 4.

Strategy Tester

MetaTrader 4 in Forex Trading guarantees a more convenient strategy through automated trading. It uses Forex robots to analyze the market behaviour before deploying the strategy in real trading.

A backtest feature helps you compare how the EA or expert adviser performs by looking at the historical data and its outcome if you’ll apply it to your current trading strategy. Here you’ll be able to identify potential errors and some weaknesses in the strategies you use.


Nowadays, all online activities should be protected against ransomware attacks from hackers. According to Ransomware Revenue Statistics, there are around $1 million annual revenues for such crimes where the trading market is mostly targeted. 

The MT4 platform is tailored to prevent cyberattacks on the traders as well and is encrypted by a 129-bit key and the IP addresses of the end-users are also concealed. Its security makes a safe money exchange so traders will not worry about having losses or stolen accounts.

User-Friendly Interface

Another advantage of MetaTrader4 is that it is easy to use and understand each feature. Seasoned traders and beginners can enjoy every corner of this platform because it lets the traders fully navigate the market behaviour.

Up-to-date Market Price Behaviour

The moment you open an app for trading, you must be able to get all information immediately. MT4 allows traders to participate in a real-time market watch so they can also trade based on the bid and the ask price.

Trading FX VPS MT4 installation is included when you avail of their VPS services because it brings outstanding communication between you and your brokers nearby or even from their data centre. This platform is also mobile-friendly as you can also add MT4 mobile indicators.

Budget Wise

Looking for the finest trading platform may cost you a lot of money but the installation of MT4 is quite the best choice. MT4 is free whether your account is live or for demo only. But of course, there will be still some charges across some of your trading pairs especially when trading with CFDs.


MetaTrader 4 has many advantages because of its adaptable features and reliable network. Aside from having the helpful analytical and technical tools of MT4, it also has its resources for educational purposes, especially for beginners. Once you have acquired some of the virtual private server plans of Trading FX VPS, you will be able to enjoy what MT4 does in your successful trading.