7 days Cheap Forex VPS Trial Plan at only $3.99

The Trial Plan provides an identical performance to our Standard Plan. If you like it, simply contact us within the trial period to upgrade your trial to any VPS Plans of your choice. Rest assured that all data and set-ups would be retained. Try Trial

Trial Plan Server Specifications

24/7 Customer Support

Get assistance wherever you need, be it to customize your VPS or to troubleshoot any possible issues, via our Customer Support. Enquiries are typically replied within hours or even minutes.

Trial Duration

The 7 days Trial period enables you to analyse and gauge the performance of our Standard VPS Plan. Contact us within the 7-days time frame to upgrade to any paid VPS packages with all your data and configurations intact.

Hassle Free Setup

After placing an order, an email with login information to a remote Windows desktop would be sent to you. You can login your VPS through mobile, computers & tablets. Please visit our Knowledge Base for more information.

Feeling Unsure? Try Our Trial Plan

Try us over a 1 week period for just $3.99, no obligations.

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We provide ultra low latency for high-speed trading activity.

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