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Sign up today to get the trading power and scalable performance that you deserve! As part of our decade-long expertise in the field, our hosting infrastructure design is powered by the newest technology to guarantee peak performance under all conditions with these three guiding principles: security, scalability, and total user freedom.

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To ensure that you don’t miss any trading opportunities, forex trading demands the top Forex VPS hosting services. Forex traders and brokers like you require uninterrupted access to the best environment for high-volume and time-sensitive trading activities.

With TradingFXVPS, our top Forex VPS services can provide you with the best trading solution, regardless of your experience. This means that we can provide a stable, secure, and stable environment for your trading platforms and software, such as MetaTrader and ExpertAdvisor.

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Learn about the capacity of our top forex VPS services by registering for our standard plan for your first seven days of usage. TradingForexVPS will give you first-hand experience in uninterrupted and low-latency trading to carry out your trades more conveniently and profitably.

As your top forex VPS partner, TradingFXVPS has the resources and power to handle automated trading apps to assist you in meeting your trading needs. We believe that our 7-day trial period will let you gauge the performance of our Standard VPS Plan. Contact us before the plan expires to upgrade to any of our paid VPS packages without losing any of your data or preferred trading configurations.

During the trial period, your trading experience will remain uninterrupted thanks to our platform’s reliable and secure connectivity, without any cost. When you decide to sign up for our paid plan, we can provide the best service for a cost-effective, secure, and up-to-date source code solution at a reasonable price!

Top Forex VPS Trial Plan


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As your top forex VPS partner, all our servers here at TradingFXVPS run 24/7. After signing up with our trial plan, you can let your trading bots make the trade within seven days straight! All you need to do is create a fully verified account, configure it with your trading preferences, and let our platform take over the trading process.

Here are some of the features and benefits that you can get with a TradingForexVPS plan:

Top Forex VPS Trial Plan
Top Forex VPS Trial Plan

Pre-built Forex Templates

Each TradingFXVPS account comes with a pre-built template that will give you the blueprint to start trading on major Forex brokers and any VPS platforms. So, you can set up your account in under 30 minutes without any coding or registration on third-party software.

Top Forex VPS Trial Plan

100% Uptime Guarantee

With TradingFXVPS, we can guarantee that you will always stay online with a 100% uptime guarantee. Furthermore, each account that we provide to our clients is backed by a scalable, secure, and cost-effective infrastructure.

Top Forex VPS Trial Plan

Live and On-demand Backups

Being a TradingFXVPS client means that you will also get a live and on-demand backup to help you trade with total peace of mind. Notably, our VPS infrastructure uses triple data replication to provide seamless storage capabilities while we ensure that your data is always available.

Top Forex VPS Trial Plan

Flexible Billing and Payments

If you are a first-time trader, we understand that you are shopping around for the top Forex VPS services. Therefore, TradingFXVPS is offering flexible billing as there are no contracts with us. This means that you’re free to choose hourly, daily, or monthly payments for your account.

Top Forex VPS Trial Plan

24/7 Server Availability

Here at TradingFXVPS, we always work to ensure that our clients will get the most out of the Forex VPS server. Thus, we always make sure that our servers run 24/7 to maximize your trading opportunities by using multiple Forex trading platforms.

Top Forex VPS Trial Plan

Quick and Easy Firewall Setup

Regardless of your trading experience, TradingFXVPS will cater to your needs! So, we can help you easily set up a firewall directly from your server’s control panel. Also, you can now manage rules or block ports on your server firewall to prevent any unauthorized access and protect your traders’ accounts.

Top Forex VPS Trial Plan

Secured Top Forex VPS

TradingFXVPS will never make you worry about your trading data or profit! Our highly secured systems will undoubtedly protect cTrader and MetaTrader, so you can confidently focus on trading.

Top Forex VPS Trial Plan

Lightning-fast SSD storage

For all traders and brokers that require a higher level of trading, TradingFXVPS offers lightning-fast SSD to enhance the response time. This feature is best for advanced traders and ensures stability and continuous trading execution.

TradingFXVPS: The Top Forex VPS, 24/7 Online!

As one of the top Forex VPS providers in the market, TradingFXVPS has the best Forex VPS solution for your Forex trading needs. You can choose any trading platform (MT4 or MT5) of your choice, giving you the best latency for a fast, reliable, and stable trading experience.

Furthermore, Forex traders and brokers can also take advantage of 24/7 uptime to take advantage of Forex expert advisors (EA) or use automated trading bots to do the trading. We also offer users the ability to scale their servers when needed.

Lastly, our plans are flexible; you can pay as you go. You can choose between hourly, daily, or monthly payments with our paid plans after the 7-day free trial period.

Top Forex VPS Trial Plan

Top Forex VPS FAQs


Forex Virtual Private Server (VPS) provides a scalable, secure, and cost-effective terminal connected to the broader trading network. This means that you will never again experience profit loss due to latency problems (slippage) when using a fast VPS server.

Furthermore, partnering with the top forex VPS provider also helps you overcome computer failures, network issues, or power outages during trading, as it is a cloud-based solution. The other Forex VPS benefits include proper data backups, 99.99% uptime, stable networks, and protection against slippage due to low-latency networks. Forex VPS protects you against malicious actors and network attacks, such as DDoS.


Currently, TradingFXVPS has no such limitation on currency pairs. You’re free to use as many currency pairs as you want. This is because you’re an administrator of the VPS and have no restrictions on how you run your server. However, limitations can creep in, depending on the trading software you’re running, which can be removed by adjusting its settings. You may want to check your vendor’s online documentation or contact them for further clarification.


Here at TradingFXVPS, we fully understand that Forex trading must run 24/7, at least five days a week. If you’re using a personal computer, you’re missing out on vital trade time, which a Forex VPS provides. You can run a Forex VPS server 24/7 and take the help of Expert Advisory (EA) to carry out trades for you. Moreover, you can also set up trade robots to carry out automated trading around the clock.

Additionally, VPS solves critical slippage problems that occur due to high latency. This is possible because VPS uses state-of-the-art infrastructure that includes fast NvME SSDs and an excellent network, resulting in low latency.


As one of the top forex VPS providers, all servers provided by TradingFXVPS are highly secure. We offer excellent security from your trial period to your upgrade. Moreover, customers can also use the in-built firewall to further strengthen security. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure protects you against DDoS, malware, or brute-force attacks. Additionally, you can also set up two-factor authentication to increase account protection.


TradingFXVPS offers Forex VPS with no downtime. We guarantee 99.99% uptime, so you never worry about losing trades due to losing access to your remote VPS server.
Who owns the data on my Forex VPS account?

When you sign up with TradingForexVPS, you agree to host your data on our servers. However, the data ownership still stays with you, and we don’t have any access to your data even after the trial period. Our job is to provide you with hosting. However, you must not upload data or solutions that violate Gibraltar or US laws.


Generally speaking, TradingFXVPS solves the latency issue that can impact Forex trading. Notably, latency refers to the time your trade inputs take to execute on Forex trading markets. Once you or your Forex bot sends a trade request, such as an order, it is received by the broker. The forex broker then relays the trade request to the market and puts it in a queue. Once your request reaches the top of the queue, your trade executes.

So, if it takes more time to execute your order due to high latency (more time taken from the computer to reach the broker’s Windows server and then to the market queue), it will result in slippage. This can lead to losses. Hence, TradingForexVPS can help you overcome any latency issues by providing low latency to the markets.


Yes, TradingFXVPS offers a 7-day trial for as low as $3.99, which you can use to try out our services. Depending on your needs and trading experience, our packages are very affordable after the trial offer. To learn more, we suggest you contact us for more information.

Also, the setup process is free! Once you have verified your account for the server, we will email you all your access details.

Feeling Unsure? Try Our Forex VPS Trial Plan

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The Trial Plan provides an identical performance to our Standard Plan. If you like it, simply contact us within the trial period to upgrade your trial to any VPS Plans of your choice. Rest assured that all data and set-ups would be retained.