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Tokyo Equinix IX Datacenter is the best location to host Rakuten Securities and other Asia brokerages. Our Cheap Forex Vps offers top-tier CPU performance, DDR4 with NVMe Disk (5x faster than SSD).

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With the Tokyo Forex Trading add-on into our portfolio of the data centre, we have successfully achieved full coverage of financial districts from New York, London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Chicago and Tokyo exchange.

TradingFXVPS only host trading-related activities and applications.  For Tokyo Forex Vps, we provide low latency connection to Axiory, Rakuten, 8 Eightcap, Blueberry Markets, and many more. With extremely low latency starting from 1 milliseconds, you will never get to miss any trades ever again. Increase your trading performance with our High Frequency Trading Forex VPS by reducing slippage today.

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Cross connected Brokerage

1ms latency

1ms latency

2ms latency

2ms latency

From any device or system, TradingFXVPS allows you to access your Forex VPS.

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