3 Steps to Successful Forex Trading

Quick start at Forex Trading often goes not the way one expected. There could be many causes: a wrong approach to trading, working without a plan, defective equipment or online connection, intense emotions. Many traders lose their first account and only after that do the research, analyze their actions. Do you want to learn how to avoid these mistakes and trade forex in an efficient manner? Read our tips, save time and money for the future winnings.

Choose the Right Goal

The first step is to establish your goals within the time frames. It helps you to maintain motivation, better organize learning process and quickly get the desired results. For beginners, the best choice is the goal that centered on the process, for advanced traders – outcome-oriented goals. Regardless the goal type, the main purpose should be development of the traders skills, strengthen of the motivation, boost of the confidence.

And only after you master all necessary techniques, get enough experience, you will understand what process you should follow to achieve your goal and could select the right forex trading strategies.

Set up VPS Server and Trading Platform

Using virtual private server (VPS) on home PC is an excellent option for traders who wants to have a stable online connection and continuous access to the trading account. VPS ensure a stable working even in a case of some obstacles on their computer. It allows making sure that your settings are still working on the trading platform and your account is safe.

Special solutions of Forex VPS hosting helps to optimize traders work. TradingFXVPS provide ready-to-go systems, so setting takes just a few minutes. After login into VPS you can start setting up your forex trading platform. It can be popular MetaTrader, NinjaTrader, TradeStation, jForex, and others.

Build Your Personal Attitude

Attitude for forex trader implies training personal such qualities as patience, discipline, objectivity. Letting your emotions to get on top means risking to have the disappointing returns. Discipline will help you in that moments when system spur you into active action or when you should throw up the game. A good solution would be to go back and revise your course of the trade. A fresh look helps you realize what is going on and make the right decision.

Forex trading is a huge number of methods and nuanced. And there is no one sure way how to trade. We can only recommend you always stay calm and never lose money.

Reasons to Use Private Server For Forex Trading

If you only found yourself in forex trading or decided work from home PC, you are sure thinking about VPS hosting for Forex and especially their solutions for traders. To make VPS systems easier to understand, we have prepared the short answers on questions: “what is VPS hosting?” and “how does it work?”.

There are two types of hosting service – shared and dedicated servers. Dedicated hosting provides for client’s needs entire server. Shared hosting includes lots of websites on the same server. VPS hosting is a cross between these two types. On the one hand, it allows you to share the cost with other users, on the other hand – it ensure you total control on your application.

A Forex VPS hosting is a virtual private server with own server resources and operating systems, which are physically located in a hosting provider data centers. Setting up a VPS on a personal computer allows you using these resources 24 hours per day. It is not only high-speed internet connection and data storage, it is the highest security level, stable and professional support.

How Does VPS Hosting Work?

In the process involves the powerful hardware, special equipment and a big team of professionals. The physically it consists of several modules, on which installed server software. Each component can function separately, independently from other units. After server software is installed, you will get some place on server’s resources like disk space, RAM, and CPU. The virtual private server works entirely as a dedicated server. You will get a root access to the server, full control over the system. It allows you to configure the VPS solution according to your needs. This way your data are protected against any malicious program and cyber attack. Your application is able to work continuously, without any interruption.

The main trading requirements is a running 24/7 terminal. TradingFXVPS systems simply solve it and provide you access to Remote Desktop Connection from any place at any time. Using a virtual private server offers the benefits of high reliability, high performance, security, and control. Due to the complete solutions for forex traders, it is widely used by traders all over the words for more safe and stable trading.

Forex Trading via Customizable Dedicated Server

Everyone who wants to become a Forex trader has to decide whether to use a home PC or invest to a personal VPS for Forex trading. The purpose of having a Forex dedicated server is to manage a trading strategy 24/7. But setting up, hosting, and maintaining an own server for yourself is expensive and complex as well.

Convenience While Trading Online

Instead of purchasing and hosting your own server, you can use a forex trader dedicated VPS that is sold as a service by a hosting provider. You just rent space with pre-installed software, and there will be no server set-ups or maintenance.

A Virtual Private Server lets you be sure that your trading connectivity stays online for 24 hours. With no downtimes, your trading platform runs non-stop.

VPS has its own operating system with the ability of customization and control. You can change the programs and install any trading software to suit your needs manually.

Accessibility is a Key Feature

If you decide to keep a hand on your trades while having vacations somewhere on islands – it is not a problem anymore. A VPS is hosted online, allowing to access your trading platform from any place of the world, any time of the day.

You do not need to bind yourself to the office or home to trade on Forex anymore. Also, VPS software is mobile friendly so that it can be accessed with tablets or other mobile devices.

Some Words About The Security

A VPS is a secure environment, dedicated among others to  Forex traders, as privacy and security are important things for online traders. A VPS grants there are no critical issues that could lead to a security threat while trading. A VPS reduces chances of crashing or malfunction of your trading software.

Advantages of Expert Advisor trading via VPS

VPS is a Virtual Private Server that is used for Forex Automated Trading Systems. Over 50% of all traders use an expert advisor for trading automation, the kind of software that is also known as Automatic Trading Systems. Approximately 25% of traders use VPS hosting that enhances operation.

The main benefit of using the VPS is that the Forex traders can use the hosting virtual environment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can run your Expert Advisors with no interruptions. No need to worry about keeping your PC permanently on, and you won’t dependent on the power supply.

Provide a quick calculation, to determine if your EA is profitable enough to cover VPS pricing. If this is so, then expert advisors’ profit will compensate VPS expenses.

Therefore, the VPS hosting service is available to any trader. The operation system of a server is specially optimized for trading, and has pre-installed Trader’s software. Now your EA don’t dependent on your Internet provider, and there is  no need to have your PC always on.

Let’s sum up the advantages of VPS for EA trading:

  • Access to Live account from any computer;
  • Independence from power supply and Internet provider;
  • Stable EA functioning.

If you can’t decide whether to use VPS or not, set up and test expert advisor on demo, before you start using it for the real trade.

Why do you need a VPS trading server from us?

We offer dedicated servers for traders who need a fast and reliable platform. After setup, you can connect to the remote desktop and monitor trades from any device and location. The common issues like reloading charts, filling in missing tick data, and even power outages will become minimal.

Some bonus advantages of VPS trading not listed above:

  • Technical support 24/7;
  • High-speed bandwidth internet connection;
  • Ability to store files on your own online hard disk;
  • Direct IP address of VPS.

Benefits of using VPS vs Home PC for Forex Trading

If you have been into forex trading for a while, it is highly unlikely that you are unaware of how a lot of people make use of a reliable VPS in order to trade forex rather than using home PC. If you happen to be someone who are looking into the benefits of choosing a VPS for forex trading, then you have landed on the right page. The below mentioned information is going to help a great deal in the aforementioned regard. We have taken the liberty of mentioning a few of the prominent benefits that a VPS service has to offer over the home PC in order for you to make an informed decision. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the benefits that a VPS service has to offer to the forex traders and see if the benefits are of concern for you and whether or not it would be a commendable option for you to opt for a VPS service.

There is no argument over the fact that it is of prime importance to have the finest speed of order execution specifically if you are making use of the automated trading systems. It is required therefore, to host the trading applications as close to the financial institutions, brokers, signal providers and account managers. And that is exactly what a VPS service that is hosted close to New York City in United States of America or London in the United Kingdom enables a forex trader to do. Ultra-low latency ensures that you are able to get the finest speed of order execution (reduce slippage) that may be available that may as well end up being highly profitable for you.

It is to be kept in mind at all times that security and privacy have to be one of the most important elements that a forex trader must look for. No matter if you are making use of the general Meta trader platform or an advanced or more specific one as offered by your financial broker, you must take security and privacy of your operations very seriously. This is exactly what a VPS service enables a forex trader to do. It ensures that the trader won’t have to experience any kind of critical failure or a loop hole that may be used by the hackers in order to cause any kind of a threat or harm to the forex trader. Home PCs are easier to contact with virus due to higher usage of social media activity. Mixing personal & trading activities might sometime cause unnecessary issue – PC crash, low memory/priority on trading terminals and accidently closure of terminals.

You may be aware of the fact that if a website is hosted from an office computer or a home PC, it is not as reliable as it would be if it were hosted from a VPS or dedicated hosting solution. This is absolutely true even if you are talking about the forex trading software. They are much more reliable provided that they are hosted from a VPS. A number of the VPS hosting solutions offer services like remote desktop RDP or VNC which are extremely convenient to be made use of and enable you to connect to your trading platform from anywhere around the world. There would be no amount of additional configuration or setup that you are going to have to take care of.

VPS services does also enhance accessibility by ensuring that your trading platform is kept online at all times regardless of the reboots or even the disconnections that your local personal computer is going to go through. Furthermore, a VPS solution enables you to connect to the trading platform regardless of where you are or what device are you making use of in order to connect. The accessibility is certainly not going to be dependent on such elements anymore. Since a VPS service enables you to set up multiple accounts of platforms, it enables different users to view the desktop at the same time but from different locations.

Last but not the least, most if not all of the VPS solutions that you are going to opt are known to offer upgrades on demand. This ensures that you don’t have to go for an upgrade until you have learned about it enough and have made a firm opinion that the upgrade is going to be of value for you. Provided that the upgrade offers features that you are not concerned with or it removes the features that you are using currently, you would not be required to make an upgrade and pay for it as well. In other words, as long as the upgrade has features to offer which are highly valuable for you and you would want to spend your money in order to get them, there is no obligation on you to spend even a penny on an upgrade. You are in charge of deciding what upgrade do you want and when do you want it.

Network Stability:-
VPS solution offers a specialized network connection. Network are monitored 24/7, 365 a year constantly. This means that you will not need to worry any network outages or any unlikely unforeseen circumstances which disrupt your network such as Blackout. VPS have a high quality Internet connection back-up with multiple connections. In comparison a Home Internet connection has no backup and can vary in reliability.

In the light of the information mentioned above, it can almost be taken for granted that there are a number of benefits that choosing a VPS solution has to offer to forex traders as against making use of the home PC. It is indispensable to mention here that a VPS service is certainly not an expensive one either. An ordinary forex trader is more than capable of expanding his monthly budget in order to get a VPS service that is going to offer all of the above mentioned amazing features. A perfect blend of quality, functionality, and affordability is what a VPS solution has to offer. With such a huge list of benefits at your disposal, what else could you possibly ask for? It won’t be wrong to state that you won’t have to be disappointed of making the decision of choosing a VPS service for your forex trading experience. Rest assured, you won’t have to regret making the decision of choosing a VPS for yourself. So what are you waiting for? Choose a reliable and affordable VPS solution now and see the difference that it casts on your forex trading experience for yourself. The usage is destined to convince you itself.

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Research Team – We do intensive and regular monitoring of any updates and information relevant and beneficial to our Virtual Private Server. Our team is highly devoted in offering tips and education article to all VPS users. Our goal is to ensure that we are always offering the best customized trading VPS for our clients.

TradingFXVPS vs CNS vs BeeksFX

If you happen to be someone looking for an affordable, reliable and low-latency VPS, or you are currently looking for a change on your VPS provider? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve narrowed most of the high priority factors. Here are a comparison chart against currently leading Forex VPS dealer.


TradingFXVPS are offering more locations, resources and better price compared to major competitors. In term of latency, we offer ultra low latency (0-1 MS) to major brokers like IC Market, Axi Trader, Hot Forex, Exness, FX Choice, FXCM , FXTM and many more. We offer guarantee Dedicated resources at all time to our clients. Not to brag, our servers have never experience any downtime since inception.

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Research Team – We do intensive and regular monitoring of any updates and information relevant and beneficial to our Virtual Private Server. Our team is highly devoted in offering tips and education article to all VPS users. Our goal is to ensure that we are always offering the best customized trading VPS for our clients

Is Single or Multiple Core Better For Running Multiple MetaTrader 4 Terminals on your VPS?


MetaTrader 4, which is also known as MT4, is an ETP (Electronic Trading Platform) widely used by online retail foreign exchange speculative traders. It was released in the year 2005 and founded by MetaQuotes Software This software is licensed to the foreign exchange brokers who provide this software to their clients. Below we’ll discuss why it is better to run MetaTrader 4 on 1 core than running it on multiple cores.

Why running MetaTrader 4 on 1 Core is better than on Multiple Cores?

In this blog post we’ll discuss how to improve the performance of MT4 and reduce the delays of your Expert Advisors and indicators. There are probably lots of people out there who are experiencing slow performance with their MetaTrader 4 software applications when running automated EA and trade copier software on their VPS or PC. For instance experiencing trade copier delay about 10 to 60 seconds when copying trades is not acceptable. The problem occurs because of MT4 platform when it runs on CPU machine with multi-cores. A trade copier software generally synchs trades every 400ms, which is two times a second, and one can also adjust the synchronization rate in order to improve the speed and performance both.

The problem will not occur if you are running a single MT4 instance or running multiple instances of MT4 on the same VPS server that has only one CPU core. In technical terms, the problem is that MT4 is a 32-bit software application and this creates trouble to perform efficiently on multi-core CPU machine such as Quad-core and Dual-core etc. In most of the cases, it seems to be an issue only when you are supposed to run more than one MT4 applications on the same VPS server with multi-core CPU. The multi-core CPU on a VPS server is a virtual CPU, which means those CPU cores are also not real physical CPU’s. They simulate virtual CPU cores to process MT4 applications. This trick will solve the problem if your MT4 application is running slowly or you might even be able to process more than one MT4 on the same VPS server. There are two options to improve your MT4 application’s performance:

  1. You need to set all terminal.exe processes to use the same CPU core. It is independent of CPU core you are going to choose. But it important that you assign all MT4 processes to the same CPU core. This will put all the MT4 processes load on a single CPU core and the Task Manager will display 100% load on this CPU. Do not worry as these are virtual cores that are running on the same physical processor at your hosting provider’s server. So all the work will be done by one physical CPU and the MT4 application will not need to switch among multiple CPU cores and thus perform faster as well.
  2. You need to assign each terminal.exe processes to use different CPU core. If you have more MT4 applications than CPU cores then you should close the rest of MT4 instances.

Checklist for speed troubleshooting:

  1. After each trade is copied there will be a log message generated in the ‘Experts’ tab which provides the exact delay in ms. In this was you will able to know if the delay is coming from the network connection.
  2. Check if your VPS server has multiple CPU cores or just a single CPU core. If you have only one CPU then try closing other applications and remove other Eas and indicators from your MT4 application to make it work even faster.
  3. If your VPS server has multiple CPU cores then you can choose any one option from the above explained tricks. Either set all the terminal.exe processes to use same CPU core or assign each terminal.exe processes to use different CPU cores.


This is all about free VPS for MT4 software application and why the performance of your MT4 applications goes slow. If your MT4 application is running slowly and your VPS server provider tells you that everything is working fine on their end then you must check if your VPS is a multi-core CPU machine. I hope that this article will help you to explore the reason of the delay on your MT4 problem and solutions to fix this issue. These are the reason TradingFXVPS.com adopted the 1 Core policy to guarantee best trading performance and experience for our traders.



Research Team – We do intensive and regular monitoring of any updates and information relevant and beneficial to our Virtual Private Server. Our team is highly devoted in offering tips and education article to all VPS users. Our goal is to ensure that we are always offering the best customized trading VPS for our clients.