RYBORGERs Merchandise Specialty

The RYBORG team will be creating an e-commerce platform that allows RYBORGERs to showcase their creativity in exchange for profits. This provides RYBORGERs a global opportunity to participate and feature their work on our platform.

Goals & Vision

A digital and physical platform for RYBORGERs to promote and showcase their art to the world. Creating an international branding for RYBORG apparels.

How it works?

The e-commerce website is designed to allow RYBORGERs list their merchandise or/and artwork. Each submission will go through multiple levels of approval before releasing on the platform. Upon approval, the RYBORG team will create a unique product for the RYBORGER. By owning 1 RYBORG, the RYBORGER will be entitled to 1 product listing.


How much profit would the RYBORG be entitled?

50% of the profit.

Will there be a physical shop for RYBORG?

Yes, but it will be subjected to the sales performance of the merchandise on e-commerce platform. Top 1% of products sold on the e-commerce platform will be available in the physical shop. The shop will likely be in Singapore.

What if I listed my product but I’ve sold my RYBROG away?

You will lose ownership of the artwork and you will not reap any profit from the product.

How will the profit be paid?

It will be in the currency of USDC or CRO.