Direction of $RBG

The objective of launching this token is to appropriately reward holders according to their loyalty to our NFT campaign. This is with the intention to minimize foreseeable unfairness towards holders that have stood with us since the beginning. Through this unique mechanism, we seek to establish a fair and stable ecosystem while bringing out an exceptional experience for our community.

Token Utility:

  1. Redeem Airdrop
  2. Accepting Payments in $RBG on TradingFXVPS
  3. Purchase of Goods & Products from Merchandise Shop
  4. Subscription plan to access Trading Bunker for non-NFT holder
  5. WL Priority Access
  6. DAO Opportunities – auctions, contests, discord events etc.
  7. Make Vote & Decision on R-DAO
  8. Redeem Access to Private Events
  9. $RBG to be used in GameFI (v3 roadmap)

$RBG Staking Rewards:

-Holders can stake their RYBORG NFT to farm up to 1* $RBG/day.
-Holders can stake their $RBG Token to earn an APR up to 100%.


$RBG Concrete Tokenomics:

rbg concrete tokenomics 1

Total supply — 21,000,000 (21 million tokens) initially priced at $1 each.
RYBORG NFT staking — 10,000,000 (10 million tokens).
$RBG staking — 10,000,000 (10 million tokens).
Liquidity & Team – 1,000,000 (1 million tokens).
Liquidity & Team Reserves: 5%
NFT farming: 95%


Distribution & Deflationary Mechanisms:

  1. Algorithm difficulty for staking changes after every 10% of supply is attained
  2. There will be no launchpad & IDO for $RBG
  3. All supply to be earned purely from RYBORG NFT & $RBG Staking
  4. NFT Buyback
  5. Burning of Token through utilization from community