VPS stands for a Virtual Private Server and it might one of the most important tools in a forex trader’s toolbox. It is a special type of server, which is housed on the same server as other servers. Despite being located on the same machine, they operate independently, just as if they were housed independently. ON a VPS, you can install your own OS, reboot the system, and have full control of the server as though you were the only one using the machine where it is hosted. The VPS provider guarantees you a specific amount of space, RAM, as well as a transfer allowance each month. Here are some reasons why you should choose a VPS provider if you are a forex trader.

Trade from Any Location

If you trade from a desktop PC, you are stuck trading only in one location, whether in an office building on your house. While you could purchase a laptop or a powerful mobile device, that is not an option for everyone. For instance, a laptop could be easily stolen or your broker simply does not support trading on a mobile device. In such a case, connecting to your platform from any location in the world will only require that you have access to an internet connection. You can then connect with VPS for traders and begin trading. This can even be at a hotel or you can simply visit an internet café in your location.

Trade without Power Restrictions

Some locations around the world have a very unreliable power supply. This can present a huge problem if you are trying to make a living off the forex market. In some cases, power can be gone for days, which can severely limit your ability to take advantage of rare opportunities in the forex market.

If you are using forex VPS, this will not be an issue. You can automate your trades and you can continue taking part in the forex market even when the power goes out. This ensures that you can trade competitively with traders from regions with a stable power supply. Automating every aspect of your trading system will ensure that you are not losing any money even when you are not able to monitor the system due to a lack of power.

Besides that, you might be out in the woods or on a flight without any way to plug in your computer to a power source. In such a case, you would still be making money despite the lack of power. A forex MT4 VPS gives you the freedom to live your life and make money at the same time.

Trade at Any Time

A VPS allows you to leave your trading system running 24/7. As a result, even when you fall asleep due to physical exhaustion, you can continue trading. Besides that, even when your computer shuts down or the internet connection switches off, you can continue trading. The best forex VPS will ensure you continue trading without interruption even when you are sleeping or on holiday with your family.

Great Security

When you are using VPS for forex, you will also benefit from robust securities. The top VPS providers in the world often check the security of their servers. They will usually have an entire team dedicate to searching for potential threats and updating the anti-virus software often. This leaves you free to concentrate on making accurate trades without worrying about a security breach. Additionally, they will have the financial muscle to buy robust security tools, which might be too expensive for a single trader, to keep you safe. This ensures that you are not experiencing any downtime due to a virus infecting your system. In fact, the best mt4 VPS providers come with a guaranteed uptime of 99.9 percent to ensure that you can take advantage of every possible opportunity to make money on the forex market.

Reduced Slippage

If you prefer to make your trades manually, reduced slippage can greatly increase your competitiveness in the forex market. Most of the top VPS service providers are located close to the major trading hubs of the world. Besides that, they utilize the fastest internet speeds possible. It ensures that your orders are transmitted quickly, which reduces the chances of you losing an opportunity to make some money due to prolonged slippage. Depending on the size of your order, slippage can cost you a few pennies or cost you the biggest trading opportunity in your life.

Things to Keep in Mind

A Forex VPS service costs you money. As a result, you will need to look for a VPS service that comes with a flexible payment plan. However, you should not compromise quality and go for the lowest cost possible. You should check other aspects such as the RAM and disk space before you settle on any particle VPS service.

One way to pick your VPS service is by checking out the online reviews. You can also visit their website and check out what kind of extras they offer to their users. You can also contact support and request that they tell you about the exact services you can expect to get once you purchase a plan.

Do not be in a rush to make a purchase. Keep in mind that this will be a monthly expense once you make a purchase. As a result, there is no reason why you should have to spend more money than you have to. Besides that, you should inquire if there is an option to opt out once you have paid. Sometimes, you might discover the service is not at par with what you expected and you want to opt out. Some VPS service providers will issue a full refund.


A Forex VPS service is not for everyone. However, if you find that VPS service will offer you immense benefits compared to your current setup, you should not hesitate to get one. For instance, if you already automate most of your trades and you face various challenges such as frequent power blackouts, you should consider getting a forex VPS service.