Redmars Sponsored Forex VPS and Redmars have teamed up to provide their clients with a reliable VPS solution and full service to run Expert Advisors and MT4 signals.

TradingFXVPS servers are some of the most powerful money buyers can make and give them the peace of mind that VPSs maintain a continuous connection to the forex market. TradingFXVPS has 24-hour staff to assist you in setting up your VPS, troubleshooting problems, and even installing third-party EA and indicators in case you need help.

Redmars VPS
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Redmars customers can take advantage of the following benefits on

  • Redmars VPS can run up to 4 MT4 platforms at the same time *
  • 1ms latency to Redmars trading server
  • TradingFXVPS 100% Uptime Guarantee (during market hours)
  • 24/7 live chat and email support
  • com helps you install 3rd party applications (MT4 platform, advisors and signals).
  • All VPSs use NVMe drives (data retrieval and execution 5x faster than SSDs).
  • Fast installation. Once your VPS is approved by Redmars, it will be provisioned and ready to use within 15 minutes.
  • Welcome Bonus and Cash Back Bonus available for TradingFXVPS client


* This offer is for Standard VPS plan, for higher tier VPS plan please contact for eligibility.

Redmars Sponsored VPS Application Form

  1. Register an account with Redmars and fill in all required fields.
  2. The application will be sent to Redmars for approval and if approved, the VPS will be provisioned by
  3. You will receive a confirmation email.

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A minimum of 5 round lot (FX) per calendar month is required to qualify for Sponsored VPS.

From any device or system, TradingFXVPS allows you to access your Forex VPS.

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