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A shift from centralized to decentralized, a move for people and owned by people.

Ryborg: The Bunker (10,000 UNIQUE NFTS)

Drop Date: 31st July 2022 8pm UTC
Mint Price: 800 CRO
Ebisu’ Founding: 680 CRO
WL: 560 CRO








Exclusively on ebisubay 120 rarity sniper

What are Ryborgs?

Ryborg are not just an extraordinary art-piece. You are gaining membership access to a bunker full of benefits and offerings happening in the real and digital world. These exclusive perks will increase over time. These Ryborg are your direct digital identification and represent your status in our bunker.

NFT VPS the Specs

The Specs

  • RBB is a collection of 10,000 Ryborg NFTs.
  • Each Ryborg is unique and programmatically generated from over 250 hand-drawn traits with different properties ranging from skins, outfit, appearance and many more.
  • All Ryborg are one of a kind, but only some are with extreme rare features.
  • Only Ryborg have the blueprint to access THE BUNKER.
  • Fair Launch with fair distribution queue system.

Lists of Machinery & Supply

List 1 nWM
List 2 nWM
List 3 nWM
List 4 nWM
List 5 nWM

Clans of Ryborg Bunkers

Clan 1 nWM
Clan 2 nWM
Clan 3 nWM
Clan 4 nWM
Clan 5 nWM

Welcome To The Bunker

The bunker, where the Internet, information, and art can freely exchange on the open Internet, is by and for the people. We want to create strong and cohesive communities that move and acts as one. This makes us impenetrable and able to conquer a new world (blockchain) together.

The Ryborg will start developing the The Bunker once the presale period is over.
It contain a full fledge of products and services in the real and digital world.

  • VPS
  • Dedicated Server
  • Signals Service (NFT, Crypto, Forex, Stocks)
  • Ryborg Merchandise
  • Bunker Cafes
  • Financial Metaverse
  • Private Events
  • Bunker Royalty Giveback Campaign
nft bunker02

Collectibles Effect

  • Annual Sweepstakes Prizes of up to $225K sponsored by TradingFXVPS
  • Existing Utility (Discount) for all products and services from TradingFXVPS
  • Dine in with Bunker Café and immerse yourself with NFT dining experience
  • Exclusive invite to join private event such as Live Drawing Event with our Artist: A.T
  • Be part of the team to build world biggest Financial Metaverse EXPO hub for traders
  • Be part of the community to build and manage the Royalty Campaign and earn yourself 80% of the profit-sharing from it.
  • Priority to NFT whitelist partnerships
  • More details to be released post-mint
nft bunker01


We are guided by a simple yet profound vision, push for world-wide Crypto Adoption.

01 Utility

02 Bunker Trading Hall

03 Physical World

04 Metaverse

05 DAO Royalty Campaign

06 Staking & Tokenomics

07 Minting

08 Reach Us

Ryborg Sweepstakes Prizes

TOTAL PRIZE POOL FOR SWEEPSTAKES: $50,000 + $75,000 + $100,000 = $225K

*Sweepstakes event to be held randomly twice a year
*Only non-listed Ryborg will be eligible

RequirementsPrizesReward Type# of Prizes
5+ Ryborg
USD 1000 worth of TFX Credit
3+ RyborgUSD 500 worth of TFX Credit
2+ RyborgUSD 200 worth of TFX Credit

For more information please visit RYBORG SWEEPSTAKE

The Team

The Bunker was casually visioned by two NFT enthusiast who set to create a united group of elites that have an aligned goal and objective towards Crypto Markets.

Mr Ace

Mr Ace (Bunker Builder)

Keep thinking and keep doing.


ATsymbalista (Lead concept character artist)

Keep drawing and keep designing.

Ted 1

Ted (Community)

Keep all in Crypto.



Keep talking and Ask me anything.

Make certain to sign up for our network on Discord for live update with announcements, drop info, and unique releases!