Demo account is absolutely identical to real account but results are virtual.


TradingFXSignals began to work in 2014. It was founded by a group of top traders. Nowadays our system is one of the best and progressive platforms which provides services of mirror trading, built on the knowledge of the most skillful traders. Our clients are famous Forex traders, investors, and big wealth management firms, and you should be among them.

Our mission is to provide you all opportunities to copy trades of the best traders worldwide.

We success together

How does mirror trading Work?

Find the best forex signal provider and add them to improve your investment portfolio. Our platform is a simple and comfortable way to copy trades of skillful providers. Whenever your strategy provider opens a new trade in the account, our platform live opens the identical trade in your account. If a trade is closed, then your trade will be closed automatically, without any action from your side.

Example: Your strategy provider has the account balance equal to $10,000. You, in turn, has $2,500 in the account balance, it’s four times less. Your provider opens a new trade. If the volume is 1 lot, he will earn $500. Our Forex signals systems will open the same trade in your account, but you will earn $125 since volume equals 0.25 lot (four times less).


Passive Income 24/7

Using our free Forex signals, you can use trading strategies of different traders from all over the world. They trade daily, 24 hours 7 days a week. You can earn money every minute, even when you sleep at night. Also, review and analysis charts of top mirror trader will help you learn how to trade.

Liquidity of Funds

No contracts of Forex trading signals will limit you. You can suspend investments at any time. No problems will appear if you decide to transfer funds from a trading account. You will spend few minutes on this procedure.

Low Costs

Using our Forex signal service, your earned money always remains in the account, and you don’t pay any subscription fee. The only thing which should be paid by you is a commission for every trade that you make.

Diversification of Investments

If you already have experience in investment, you should put money in the account of the best Forex signals platform, and let our experienced traders increase its amount. By the way, you can invest your funds in different traders. Each of them has a unique strategy, and it’s the easy way to increase the diversification level of investments and to decrease your risks.

Simple Process

You don’t need that much experience to successfully use automated trading. A distinctive feature of the platform is to use skills of people, who have deep knowledge in financial markets and know how to buy and sell with a profit. All that you should do is to check your account few times per day.

Supported Brokers

Using our Forex trade signals, you get a lot of benefits. The main point is a safe cooperation mode. We place your funds in accounts of regulated brokers with a license. Our partners have respected and most known brands in the industry. A lot of good reviews confirm this fact.

You will be able to make withdrawals and deposits with a brokerage company that you choose. All your trades will be based on the signals of our traders and will be executed in your account by the broker that you select.


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