Whilst it is true that one must gather enough theoretical knowledge and practical experience by trading on a demo account before delving into the trading world, it is imminent that the specification of the platform chosen to trade on must be given great consideration.

Some of these specifications include:
• Charges on the account type
• Minimum deposit
• Availability of educational resources
• Reliability and ease to which you reach customer care services
• The fees attached to executing a trade
• The varieties of assets on which you can trade
• Type of platform; a mobile app or web-based
• And lastly, do the features of the platform suit your trading plan and strategy.

But in reality, this is not the last, one more thing to consider is the service provider you use with the platform you are trading on. This is as important as the other specifications listed above. The service provider is responsible for ensuring smooth trading.

What is Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Just like cloud servers that provide cloud storage, Virtual Private Server is a server that provides hosting services. They provide a personal and uninterrupted network connection that allows you to surf the internet without restrictions alongside virtual storage. This is the same for forex virtual private servers (Forex VPS).

The trading market is a very volatile environment as there are fluctuations in the activities caused by the numerous psychological and emotional influences of buyers and sellers. And for one to be able to stay updated, a strong uninterrupted connection is needed. If you really want to know why Forex VPS is better than retail VPS check this article here.

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Why Use Forex VPS?

The need for hosting services providers on forex cannot be overemphasized, they allow for many options that setting up your personal computer would not afford you. If you are cautious about the money you spend and want to get enough gains from your trading, then you need not take your internet connection for granted.

Some of the foredeals that come with utilizing the service of Virtual Private space providers include:

  1. The ability to support auto-trading: With VPS, your robot advisor or was will not experience a glitch in connection experience. What this means is that the robot can successfully executive trade at the designated time and conditions without missing out on any loop.
  2. Support scalping: For traders that scalp, a strong network with uninterrupted connection is a sure way to making large from scalping.
  3. News events trading: If you are the type that waits on a news release before executing a trade, then be rest assured that you are doing the right thing by having a virtual private space (VPS).
  4. Protection from cyber attackers and fraudsters.
  5. The benefit of tracing from anywhere in the world without network restriction
  6. It helps to reduce spillage.
  7. Reduced lagging and improved trading execution rapidity.

Practical Application Of Forex VPS To Trading

VPS should be used alongside your trading strategy for an effective and optimal yield of profits from trading. VPS are or should be utilized in the following cases for effecting forex trading:

A. Optimisation of EAS running
B. Scalping trading
C. Event news trading.

The Implicit Features Of A Good VPS

For a Virtual Private Space to be called or be recommended for use, it should have the following specifications:

  • A Random Acess Memory (RAM) of at least 2GB. The ram is the most important specification you should look out for when choosing your Virtual Private Space provider and the intended service to be rendered.
  • Disc space of 10GB above and lastly
  • A CPU or 2 would be sufficient.

A hosting company with the above specifications at a relatively cheap cost would be considered as the best go-for.

The Best Of All VPS Providers.


1. TradingFXVPS

TradingFXVPS hosting company provides premier tailored Forex VPS explicitly for traders. The service rendered is designed to allow for automated trading which is sought after by traders with a team of professionals working immensely to ensure a secure connection, space security, and system administration.

Utilizing Hyper V virtualization technology, TradingFXVPS can provide a more distinct and designated service to each Private Server, a feature that is not seen with some VPS service providers. It does this by allocating RAM, SSD, and processor resources to a particular VPS whilst maintaining isolation between other VPS.

In terms of location, TradingFXVPS is located in strategic places in the world (London, Frankfurt, Chicago, New York, and Amsterdam). These centers are selected because of their proximity to the world’s major brokers and the stock market.

Below are the fees charged with the respective account type and specifications provided.

Trial account – $3.99 / week – 1 Core, 2GB RAM and 30GB SSD
Standard account – $25/ month – 1 Core, 2GB RAM and 30GB SSD
Advanced account – $45/month – 2 Core, 4GB RAM and 40GB SSD
Expert account- $90/month – 4 Core, 8GB RAM and 50GB SSD
Dedicated Server account – $199/month – E3-12xx or I7

In the above-listed account types, it can be seen that the least provided disc space surpasses the minimum required 10GB of space. One can infer from the specifications and the cost associated with each account, that TradingFXVPS is not just people’s choice but the best among others.


  • Immediate activation
  • Supports all trader platforms
  • Free unlimited traffic
  • 7 days trial at $3.99 only
  • 30 days money-back guarantee without any questions
  • Datacenters at London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and New York


  • Really, I couldn’t come up with anything wrong, in terms of their services.

Also, they have plenty of options you can select from in terms of making a payment; Credit cards (Master and Visa), Paypal, Skrill, American Express, Bitcoin.


2. UltraFX VPS

This is in fact considered as one of the fastest of all trading VPS providers as per services and specifications. One thing that can be noted is that traders that are in other countries aside from the US and the UK will experience latency, as these are their only data centers.

Again, compared to trading VPS, the hyper virtualization technology which allows for the allocation of private proxy service to individuals is attached to specific accounts types unlike in TradingFXVPS, which is provided to all accounts.


  • Low latency

  • High-frequency server

  • 24/7 Support


  • Expensive

  • Doesn’t offer managed service

  • Only 2 locations (NY/LD)


3. ForexVPS.net

The standard forex VPS plan costs about $34.99 per month for 2GB RAM, 60GB disc space, 1 CPU Cores, and auto MT4 or MT5 start-up. The acceptable mode of payment includes; PayPal, Skrill, credit and debit cards, and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins.

Although the disc space is high, it is still relatively expensive for 2GB RAM.


  • 100% uptime rate
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 4 packages to select from


  • Considered expensive compared to other VPS providers
  • No free VPS offer,
  • expensive HFT VPS,
  • $10 managed service



Providing a 99.9% network uptime alongside offering a state-of-the-art server monitoring with considerable high levels of redundancy to help you always, FXVM’s pricing begins at as low as $19/month for 1 CPU core, 1.5 GB RAM, 40GB SSD space, Windows Server 2012, Automatic Backups and access to dedicated IP addresses.

Adding just $6 to the $19 will equal $25, the price required to purchase the standard account of trading VPS with 2GB of RAM.


  • Quick and easy to open an account
  • Wide variety of technical tools and educational content
  • Live latency results are accessible


  • Limited asset portfolio

Home Beeks Group

5. Beeksfinancialcloud

With a Beeksfinancialcloud, you get an unlimited service, free MT4 installation, 24/7 service, and live chat with customer service for help.

The disadvantages with using Beeksfinancialcloud include:

A standard account of whooping $25-$38 for just 1.3GB of Ram, 25GB of space, and almost an hour duration of VPS installation compared to a minute installation in TradingFXVPS.

Again, it has only two locations, just in New York City and London, so you should expect latency.
It has an MT4 terminal of just 3 compared to 5 of TradingFXVPS.


It should be noted that when checking for the best provider to choose from, great importance should be given to the RAM size, this is the most important specification, then followed by the CPU size. The total disc space doesn’t matter; a disc space of 30GB is okay, but if you can get more at a lower cost, it is also done.

Finally, the support center is also of immense importance, the ease with which you reach and get a response from the support center at moments of need should also be considered. TradingFXVPS has all these services going for a cheaper rate when compared to other hosting companies.


We provide ultra low latency for high-speed trading activity.