Ways to protect yourself as an Online Trader.

1. Make an effort to save your broker’s contact details. Also save your account manager’s phone number if you are assigned to one as you may require their immediate assistance should your account get compromised.

2. It is highly recommended to use the two-factor authentication recommended by your broker, for example the Security Token and the SMS notification.

3. Link your mobile phone or email to your trading account to enable trade notifications, this way, any suspicious activity could be easily identified.

4. Do not use similar passwords across both your social and trading accounts since social account tend to have higher chances of getting compromised. Thus, it is highly advised to use a unique password for each trading account which can be generated via Norton Generator.

5. Setup your trading programs separately from your desktop at home or at work to lower the risk of getting malicious spyware or Trojan from your daily social activities. You can either buy a standalone PC/Laptop solely for trading purposes or rent a Trading VPS to host your trading account.

6. Check your trading account daily and keep track of your transactions regularly.

7. Never login your trading account from public networks as you may simply risk losing your private information to hackers. A good example would be Starbucks.

8. Do not visit unfamiliar sites using the server’s browser as they may contain malicious code which can jeopardise stored information and harm your server.

9. Do not install any soft-wares, scripts and programs from little-known developers or untrusted sources, such as file sharing or torrents. It may contain virus, Trojans and other malicious soft-ware.