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Lower latency with your broker for more profitable trading


Quicker trade execution needed to capitalize on market opportunities


More predictable trading outcomes with better accuracy and precision


Premium network connectivity for 24/7 trading

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Upgraded and Enterprise-Grade VPS Amsterdam Hosting from TradingForexVPS

For more accurate trading results, use a Forex VPS based in Amsterdam, close to your broker’s servers. Here at TradingFXVPS, we highly recommend a fast, high-performance VPS platform for hosting your trading terminals, especially if your broker’s MT4 or MT5 servers are located in Amsterdam. 

amsterdam forex vps

Optimized system

We ensure that our Windows Server builds are optimized specifically for trading. They include enhanced security, software, and background enhancements. This will keep your terminals and automated trading strategies running 24/7.

amsterdam forex vps

Flexible trading

We can guarantee that our systems will not be restricted to any one broker or institution. You may run multiple instances of MT4/MT5, or any platform of your choice, with as many brokers and trading accounts as preferred.

amsterdam forex vps

Remote connection across devices

Here at TradingFXVPS, traders and brokers no longer need to follow complicated steps to set up their trading dashboards. After purchasing a VPS Amsterdam plan, just wait a few minutes, and you will receive your unique login information for your remote access across all your devices.

Accelerate your trade execution and earn more profits with TradingFXVPS

Amsterdam Equinix Datacenter is a great place to host your Forex VPS. Check out our affordable plans below:

Please visit this page to view the full list of features and packages offered by TradingFXVPS.

Superior yet Affordable VPS Amsterdam Services for all traders and brokers!

As your hosting provider, TradingForexVPS guarantees your trading profitability and growth on a global scale. Try our VPS Amsterdam for as low as $20/month with all these features:

amsterdam forex vps

Cost-effective packages

Our plans start as low as $20 per month for our Standard Plan (introductory price), which is 20% cheaper compared to our regular retail price. This price difference applies to our Advanced and Expert Plans if you require higher CPU cores, DDR4 RAM, and NVMe disk capacity. Then, you have the option to customize your hosting plan according to your business needs. 

amsterdam forex vps

High-frequency speed trading

All VPS Amsterdam plans from TradingFXVPS run with a high frequency speed specialized for Algo traders. Currently, the base frequency starts at 3.5 GHz+ for our Standard Plan. If you need higher CPU cores, our Advanced Plan has twice 3.5GHz+ and 4X for our Expert Plan.

amsterdam forex vps

Dedicated DDR4 RAM

TradingFXVPS Standard Plan comes with 2048 MB (2GB) of Dedicated DDR4 RAM. Our Advanced and Expert Plan have 4GB and 8GB, respectively. Also, RAM upgrades are available for only $7/month per 1GB.

amsterdam forex vps

Inclusive Windows License

After purchasing one of our plans, you have the option to decide which operating system works best for your device. You can choose among the Windows 2012, 2016 and 2019 OSs. Also, this comes with DDoS protection and a firewall to ensure security.

amsterdam forex vps

Dedicated IP Address

On all our paid plans, you will receive a dedicated IP address that is individually assigned for connecting to brokerages across the globe. This ensures that there is a single IP for one VPS Amsterdam client account around the world.

amsterdam forex vps

Unlimited Bandwidth

Get a VPS Amsterdam with unlimited bandwidth with TradingFXVPS without any limits on the number of site guests on your website. Thus, the volume of traffic that your virtual server or website hosted in the Netherlands can handle will remain unrestricted. Furthermore, it is free to send and receive data in an unlimited amount.

amsterdam forex vps

100% Uptime Guarantee

With TradingFXVPS, our utmost priority is to provide 100% uptime, especially during peak market hours. Furthermore, each account that we provide to our clients is backed by a scalable, secure, and cost-effective infrastructure.

amsterdam forex vps

High-quality NVMe SSD disk

Our VPS server hosting NL plans come with NVMe SSD (Solid State Drive) storage space to increase VPS server performance. This means that you can enjoy faster page load times, which also ensures 100% server uptime. As a new generation of storage devices used in servers, traditional mechanical hard disks are replaced by NVMes.

amsterdam forex vps

24/7 server availability

Here at TradingFXVPS, we always work to ensure that our clients will get the most out of the F VPS Amsterdam server. Thus, we always make sure that our servers run 24/7 to maximize your trading opportunities by using multiple Forex trading platforms.

TradingFXVPS: Your Superior VPS Amsterdam Partner

Partner with TradingFXVPS for superior VPS services in Amsterdam. Enjoy the benefits of dedicated server performance without the costs. Our plans are scalable to meet your growing trade requirements, with ultra-fast SSD NVMe storage and limitless bandwidth. Experience outstanding performance at unbeatable prices, saving you hundreds monthly compared to other providers. With certified support available 24/7, we’re here to help you succeed. Focus on growing your business while we handle your VPS needs effortlessly.

Access TRADINGFXVPS on ANY DEVICE OR SYSTEM to trade anytime, anywhere.

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VPS Amsterdam FAQs


One of the main reasons to choose VPS or dedicated servers from TradingFXVPS is that it’s better than any Shared Hosting plan. So, VPS Amsterdam is the optimal solution for every business in the Netherlands and its vicinity. Also, we offer both affordable and dependable VPS Hosting Plans. You can choose your OS, the number of SSDs, the server’s location, and server security.


A VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a virtualized server hosted on a real server in Amsterdam. It is a more affordable option that gives traders and brokers total access to the server’s resources. This will enable them to set up their preferred operating system and software. This service combines the performance, superior strength, and speed of a 20x ultra-fast server with adaptability for your company’s success.


No. TradingFXVPS bills its clients on monthly terms. This means that you will not be under any type of contract after subscribing to our paid plan. Also, you can cancel your service with us anytime or before we bill you for the next month.


The primary benefit of having a high-quality virtual server in Amsterdam is its low latency and exceptional connectivity because of its geographic location. With VPS Amsterdam hosting from TradingFXVPS, you have increased reliability and stability compared to shared hosting. This helps to ensure performance and uptime, with more scalability options as you grow.


When you choose TradingFXVPS as your hosting provider, you can benefit from outstanding performance that surpasses expectations and unbeatable prices. Plus, all Amsterdam VPS plans come with ultra-fast SSD NVMe storage and limitless bandwidth! This makes it possible to free up more time so that you can focus on growing your business.


After signing up, TradingFXVPS guarantees that its clients will receive top-tier security features that safeguard your sites and accounts. Specifically, we have introduced anti-DDoS protection, firewalls, an IP blocking system, and RAID technology for your sites. With us, you don’t need to stress over the security of your site information, as we have the highest protection tools to shield your site from programmers and malware attacks.