5 Trading Platforms for NFT Starters

Digitalisation has already made a significant impact on everyone’s lives. From acquiring basic necessities to achieving financial freedom, many developments are starting to overreach the present technology.

We now hear news about NFTs through the internet but few people are plugged in. But, we can search for non-fungible tokens as there are NFT marketplaces. It’s definitely a new intelligence whereby designers and developers craft digital assets that can be acquired by traders through the NFT platforms.

Let’s dive into the five platforms for NFTs that newbies can easily access and understand.

  • OpenSea
  • Axie Marketplace
  • Decentraland
  • Mintable
  • Rarible


OpenSea is the most popular and leading marketplace for no-fungible tokens. It has all types of NFT arts along with large-scale offers. It is a user-generated NFT platform that can be easily accessed by starters. They have a wide range of categories starting from arts, music, photography, utility, collectables, domain names, trading cards, and the virtual world. Here, you will only set up a profile and a wallet outside OpenSea. You can choose from MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, WalletConnect, Phanton, and Glow.

Axie Marketplace

Axie Marketplace originated from the play-to-earn online game which is Axie Infinity. These are your digital pets with unique features such as their body parts. They are designed to be upgraded to different levels thus making them stronger during battles. Not to mention the tokens you will get from every win that can be converted into cash through linking your Ronin Wallet.


Decentraland is another one-stop shop for non-fungible tokens having more than a thousand collections. In this NFT market, you have wearables to achieve from head to toe and also have different skins. The network is only accommodating Ethereum and Polygon as of the moment.


Mintable is an app for NFT users, especially those who are yet to discover the perks of digital assets. Here you can make and boost listings of an NFT art to be on top of the homepage. They also have auctions and auctions with the buy now feature for certain days and hours. Since the NFT marketplace is booming, your profile on Mintable shows monthly sales and transaction orders so you’d be able to keep up your standing and sales.


Rarible is also a huge NFT marketplace that lets end-users design, sell, and buy NFT assets. But, here you will use the tokens of Rarible for buying and selling. Like Decentraland, it is also built on Ethereum and uses the Rarible Multichain Protocol to further simplify NFTs. If you have an NFT utility for fx VPS, you can also rely on the branding guidelines of Rarible.

Bottom Line

As a beginner, you can invest in NFTs as long as you choose the right platform to trade digital assets. The given five NFT marketplaces have already built their reputation over the internet that other trading pioneers consider as part of their investment. In case you want to get inspiration for your design, the Trading FX VPS has the best deals for you through their Ryborgs. Build your digital identification with them and enjoy the cutting edge of the real and digital world.